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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Manny Ramirez wiped his nose on his sweatband!

That should keep the sports reporters and crisis stalkers busy for the next two or three days.

"Was wiping his nose on his Red Sox sweatband symbolic of Manny's attitude toward the team?"
"Does wiping his nose on his Red Sox sweatband mean he is not going to play hard this year?"
"Why did he wipe his nose on his left-arm sweatband instead of his right? Is it a signal to Mannyists everywhere to launch email and phone call attacks on his attackers?"
"When will he wipe his nose again? Does it mean he is sick? Will he be asking for days off because he is sick?"
"Where is Pedro?"
"Does Enrique Wilson know why Manny wiped his nose on his left-arm sweatband?"

Was ever more radio and TV air time - and just plain time - or newprint wasted on a non-event than was devoted to Manny's reporting to camp?

Boston, get a life or a gambling habit or a soap opera. Anything to keep you occupied till opening day.

To think, some high-paid reporters actually spent time thinking about this non-event. They even note his one-minute late appearance at training camp as if it carried some weight.