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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Survey says . . .

Not a real survey, statistically valid, etc., but listening yesterday to the WEEI opinionators and call-ins, the sense that a two-headed GM is just a stopgap measure that looks ridiculous is widespread.
Lucchino's citing Baltimore and Tampa Bay as examples of other clubs that have a two-headed GM was particularly galling to some callers, for the obvious reasons: their teams suck and the organizations are in disarray. You really want to copy those guys? was the question.
Ben and Jed are, I'm certain, capable, qualified to do what they do, etc., but GM of the Boston Red Sox is not a managerial position - it is a CEO-level, PR-heavy assignment that Theo fit into so well, it seemed as if he were born to it. Few, if any, public missteps. Great relationships with the carnivores in the press and with the players. The only one who had a problem with him, I guess, was Lucchino, and I still attribute that to the estrangement that happens when your child becomes an adult and no longer needs you.
The most annoying aspect, to me, of the entire debacle that is the GM Scramble at Yawkey Way is the sudden appearance of callers and even some press who now question just how much Theo really accomplished as GM. Hey, folks, it does not matter: They won the World Series on his watch, he was instrumental in getting and helping to hold together the team of characters for the stretch run, he traded ICON Nomah, shopped ICON Manny, helped bring in ICON Schilling (who may actually have had almost as much to do with the Series win because of his locker room presence and bulldog approach). No one that I heard make these remarks has any knowledge of just how much everyone on the staff, from Lucchino down, contributed, so these complaints and criticisms are - however typical of Boston's so-called sophisticated sports intelligentsia - simply a reflection of the cynicism that festers in pockets of the fan base and of the character of the people making the comments. Long way to say, "Hey, assholes, shut up!"
More later on what the team actually looks like now . . .