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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It's an ugly nickname but it seems to have stuck with the brass at Yawkey Way; 30 errors at SS will do that to you.
Seems in hindsight (where we are all the smartest GMs on earth) like the big name of Renteria overwhelmed common sense last year when the Brass dumped Cabrera for Edgar. We do love big names here, don't we?
Edgar to anywhere we get a SS in return might be a great deal for Edgar, for whom I have no hard feelings. Perhaps Tony L's comments on WEEI last year about Edgar's sensitive nature were really on the mark; the fact that the Sox are "aggressively" seeking to move Edgar might be because they see no hope of his resurrecting himself to his St. Louis performances. Honestly, I will not miss Edgar because whenever the ball was hit to him or when the Sox really needed a hit, I was more likely to turn away from the TV screen or move away from the radio, and, like most fans, lacked confidence in him.
Best of luck to Edgar in the NL or wherever he ends up. He will probably be very successful. For Edgar, like many other players over the years who proved to be good or great elsewhere, Boston was not a home field; it was more like the Coliseum.