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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mike Adams gets a JOB!

Real radio happened last night at WEEI, the self-proclaimed number-one sports radio station in the country, when Mike Adams, forever the part-time fill-in with great sports knowledge and real comedic talent, barricaded himself in the studio until he heard from station manager Jason Wolfe. This, folks, just does not happen in the media, where except on the far-right and far-left talk shows no one actually behaves in anger or disappointment or honesty.
I was listening when Adams locked himself in the studio between The Big Show and his night-time gig and refused to play the replays for an hour and for a bit, refused to play commercials. He seems to have pissed off both Glenn Ordway, Big Show host, and sports flash bulk, Pete Sheppard, who both left to go to the company Christmas party. The engineers were openly worried about being implicated in the take over, but Adams calmed them and played the commercials - and generated hundreds of supporting calls from lots of long-time listeners/first-time callers, and potential and actual advertisers. Adams has a lot of fans, including me, but few if any times do the listeners actually influence hiring decisions.
Adams has been strung along for a couple of months while Wolfe tried out dopey and lame sports talk show candidates, but Adams knows and loves Boston sports, has an encylopedic knowledge of all things Red Sox. He is a pleasure to listen to and great fun.
You hung it out there, Adams, took a huge chance, and it seems to have paid off. Congratulations!
And, Jason Wolfe, expect a tidal wave of spam emails, phone calls, etc., if you back down on this one.