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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Doing the right things

Well, it is inevitable that some people might begin to wonder how important Theo was, given the trades and acquisitions so far.
There is little to dislike at this point, other than the evident lack of a shortstop; I have to assume they - the multiheaded team now constituting the GM - have a plan for this. As important as pitching is, the Sox leaders in the last two years have made it clear they think defense is a close second, so I cannot imagine they are going to go with a second-team shortstop. There is still time, I think to fix this, but I am clueless about who it might be.
Renteria will thrive in Atlanta, with the lack of public fervor and scrutiny there. It was a weird year, wasn't it, for the Gold Glove shortstop? Too many errors, no real long streaks at the plate that mattered. I think there must have been something physical with Edgar, his back most likely, and we will probably find this out later.
Too bad about Mirabelli, mostly for Wakefield, but he's a pro, and he will groom another catcher to take Doug's place. He will also get a chance to play as many as 100 games in SD, which is also good for him.
Loretta and Lowell will perform, my prediction.
Right now, they have a great 3rd baseman (at least defensively), great 2nd baseman, a terrific new pitcher.
I think they are in good shape - on December 8, 2005. We have a long way to go, don't we?
The stove is stoked.
And finally, what's with the Theo rumor?