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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And introducing your 2006 Boston Red Sox

at 1B: Kevin Youkilis? David Ortiz? (Not John Olerud)
at 2B: Tony Graffinino? Joey Cora?
at SS: ? (Not Hanley Ramirez, Not Orlando Cabrera)
at 3B: Mike Lowell
playing left field: ?
playing center field: ? (Coco Crisp? Jeremy Reed?)
playing right field: Trot Nixon (I guess)
catching: Jason Varitek (not Doug Mirabelli)
and pitching for the Red Sox, Josh Beckett, Tim Wakefield, Curt Schilling, Bronson Arroyo,
So, Theo doesn't matter, huh? Co-GMs work okay, right? Coco Crisp? Juan Encarnacion? Preston Wilson?
These guys really lack any clue about how to build a team. The sheer absence of Johnny Damon in center field changes the way I think about this team. To me, Damon was the team icon: played hard, played hurt, played with the skills he had and somehow minimized the impact of his very weak arm, consistently outperformed every other leadoff hitter in the AL, was critical to putting pressure on the other team from the very first at-bat, loved Boston, had fun, and was beloved by fans - and FU to those assholes who will now show up on the radio and in print to denigrate him and to say how little he mattered, blah, blah, blah.
Hey, Larry, get ready for the Matt Millen parade around Fenway. You and your team have colossally screwed up by letting Damon go to the YANKEES! Why don't you see if you can swing a Manny for __________________ trade with the Yankees.