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Thursday, November 10, 2005

He doesn't get it

Larry Lucchino, from today's Boston Herald:
“We were disappointed that Theo decided to decline our offer for a contract extension,” Lucchino said. “We worked hard on an agreement that worked for the organization and him, but he decided to take another path. It was Theo’s decision to decline our offer and we are now actively engaged in a process to move forward.”
As for why Epstein left, Lucchino refused to speculate.
“People have asked me that and they’re asking me to speculate on Theo’s decision – that I’m not going to do,” said Lucchino, who said that he did not feel responsible for Epstein’s exit. “Theo’s responsible for Theo’s decision. I was certainly part of those discussions.”
Lucchino said he has not asked Epstein to reconsider and return, and he allowed Tom Werner, chairman of the Red Sox, to close the door on recent reports that certain members of the Red Sox’ hierarchy are still trying to woo back Epstein.
“I’ve read all the rumors, but as far as we are concerned, we’ve turned the page and are looking for the next general manager of the Red Sox,” Werner said. “We’ve completely discounted (the rumors) and we are at a point where we’ve turned the page.”
Lucchino expressed disappointment with how he was portrayed by the media after Epstein’s exit.
“I was disappointed by it and it struck me that some of the media coverage was very misleading and inaccurate,” Lucchino said. “But it is part of the job, the business we have chosen."

Don't you just love it? Lucchino complains about media coverage that made him look bad while not commenting on media coverage that made Theo look bad - whose source had to be someone in the Red Sox hierarchy. And just who leaked the numbers about the offer to Theo? Has there ever been any story yet about Theo's camp misplaying or not playing by the rules the Red Sox set for negotiations, including media silence.
Time to let it, and Theo , go, I think. But the we now have insight into the real ways this organization works and it does not pass the smell test. Wonder what John Henry's consultant will find.