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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bullshit cont'd

Dan wants to take the blame.
Okay, you got it, Dan.
Once again, you have become a de facto Red Sox owner, running out of town people you either don't like or who don't respect you.
You claim to respect Theo, admire him, wish he would change his mind. Why do we have to take all that with a grain of salt? Simple: You may very well be mouthing the words Lucchino wants to say, but cannot. Hey, the man fucked up and now he wants you to express the mea culpas for him - that's the way I see it. Today's column has none of the underlying cynicism or verbal smirk that yours always have - you are so much smarter than everyone else! This was written by Lucchino, be honest.
As I said on the Boston.com blog, if people want to show their anger at this mess, use a marker and put the diagonal red slash over their Red Sox bumper stickers and window stickers, signalling "No Red Sox." You can always buy another one when you come back to the fold, right?