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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well, here they go again . . . or do they?

They stunk yesterday, and we saw some of that last year. But this is not last year's team - they lack a hard-ass pitcher like Pedro (yes, Pedro, and screw all of you who are ranting about him shutting it down in New York; he is not here anymore! and when he was, he was always the best pitcher the Sox had!) who refused to give in and who had the pitches and the mentality to pitch in games that mattered, even when he did not have great stuff.
They lack a Derek Lowe - yes, Lowe, who sucked most of last year, but also had post-season, big-game experience.
They lack THE Curt Schilling - you know, the one with the bloody sock. Today's Curt Schilling is still a battler, but lacks the command on the mound and the command of the pitches that he must have to win. He will fight, but with lesser weapons, he is a lesser pitcher.
They have David Wells - and thank God they do.
They have Tim Wakefield - and we may (or may not) thank God. Let's hope the White Sox do not hire the same "retired knuckleballer" that the Yankees used. Ozzie would never admit that he needs help, so I doubt they will prep with a knuckleballer.
They have Bronson Arroyo - too bad he is not ready for prime time.
They have Jonathan Papelbon - thank God. Let's hope he gets to work in a game that matters.
They have Craig Hansen - he may be good, may not be, but he is better against more kinds of batters than Bradford or Myers.
What they still have are hard-ass regular players like Ortiz, Ramirez, Varitek, etc. Those guys cannot pitch, however, and that's too bad.
Tito better find a way to win this one or the off-season starts tomorrow or, at the latest, Friday.