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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not that you should care but how about them Yankees?

Mussina was his usual self - the usual self of the last few months. Inconsistent at best.
A collision in right center between Crosby and Sheffield that might have been avoided if Williams were playing center.
A mental error by Giambi.
The game was lost by the Yankees as much as won by the Angels with "relief" pitchers Randy Johnson and Ervin Santana providing the quality performances.
The good things are that we do not have to watch the Yankees any more and that the Angels - White Sox series might be interesting, if the Angels can get some pitching out of their depleted and wounded staff. The Yankees are done - at least this version. Too many old players past their prime and perhaps headed for retirement along with Bernie. And no one of quality to replace them - Alex Rodriguez was invisible, while Cano looked pretty good. Martinez, Williams, Sheffield - gone, I think.
The World Series will be interesting when Houston meets - and beats - the White Sox.