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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I got this postcard by email today - great sense of humor, huh?

Here is how I replied to my Mets-fan friend (he hates the Yankees, but likes to tweak Sox fans):

The better team won - after he was hit in the head (and after the All-Star break as usual), Clement was worthless.
Gone next year - Mueller, Millar, Olerud (Konerko may end up here), Ramirez (that will be the end of this team's competitiveness since no one will be there to protect Ortiz and he'll never see a hittable pitch), Arroyo, Foulke, maybe Timlin - new pitchers will include Delcarmen, Papelbon (better than any 24-year-old but maybe Jenks), Hansen.

Gone from the Yankees - Williams, Martinez, Sheffield, Brown, Pavano, maybe more - hey, the Yankees are done, too - Johnson was the Big Loser last night; he could have used whatever Giambi was taking the second half of the season.

To the Mets - Ramirez, making them more formidable; still need pitching.

The Sox never had it this season, "it" being the depth of pitching and hitting they needed to advance in the post-season. Too many injuries at key positions at the wrong times. No faulting Tito in this, despite what the radio nitwits say: he played the hand he had when he had it. One more win or even two might have put them in first, but then they play the Angels, and that would not have been much different an outcome than this one. Imagine seeing Orlando Cabrera play short and drive in key runs! Fans would go crazy.

Personally, I would have left Papelbon in in the 9th until one runner got on base, then gone to Timlin. I know, I know, Timlin has a bad record when he does not start an inning, but I think with no outs and one man on, he could have been effective - except that he did not look like the tough guy he has been last night, completely falling apart after the double. To me he did not look ready to pitch, mentally . . . I wonder if he thought he would not pitch unless the Sox tied or took the lead.

Maybe I am giving the team a mulligan this year, but without a healthy Schilling, a healthy Foulke (for that I blame Foulke and do not expect him back), and, yeah, start bitching now, without Pedro Martinez and Derek Lowe, they were not going to make it to the big dance, no matter how well Ortiz and Ramirez hit. And once and for all, I am not in favor of trading Ramirez - the only equivalent players are people like Guerrero or Pujols and they are not coming here.