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Monday, October 31, 2005


That's my response to the news that Theo Epstein has left the Sox because he suspects Lucchino of, essentially, dumping on him publicly via Dan Shaughnessy's column in the Sunday Globe.
Theo is convinced the leak to DS was LL, and sees this is extremely bad faith on LL's part.
Lucchino is an arrogant, I'm-always-right-kind-of-guy and as interesting as he is on the radio, or at least personable, he is also an asshole and you can hear it in his responses, and his refusal to comment.
You may think, so what, Theo is overrated, and that anyone can win here. You forget 1) that Theo rebuilt a miserable farm system into a powerful source of talent (Papelbon, Hansen, et al.), and 2) Theo is a symbol to many, many people of the new Red Sox and is connected forever to the first World Series championship in 86 years.
I, for one, like the Sox so much in no small measure because it was the wunderkind Epstein who managed the Sox to this pinnacle. He was brilliant.
If the new Sox owners are just another set of arrogant pricks, with a bottomline-first approach to the business of baseball, and have decided that one championship is sufficient to start raking in the money - is that the real goal of their ownership? - and just don't care anymore about how the team performs - and there are hints that this was the case in the failure to secure pitching when they needed it this past season - screw the Sox. I'll go back to being a Nationals fan, as I was when they were the Senators, the Senators again, and then the Twins.
Oh, and as I have always said, Dan Shaughnessy hates sports, hates sports people, hates players, etc., that do not meet some standards that only he defines - some arcane, hidden set of standards that are summed up as, "I only like people who think I am god." Shaughnessy has injected himself into the story - a fatal flaw for any true journalist. Hope he and Larry enjoy sleeping together.
Good luck, Sox, signing people that are any good - and, yes, I believe that losing Theo will absolutely hurt getting players to stay here. It will not hurt getting players who come from other teams. Say good-bye to Manny, Damon, and perhaps Tito, Ortiz, Schilling - yeah, that's hyperbole, but expect the unexpected for the next few months.