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Friday, September 23, 2005

The lineup

My choice for a starting lineup for the remainder of the season:

Damon - assuming he can play; otherwise start Millar (ugh) and lead off with Graffinino (assuming he can play) or Cora
Renteria - who else can move to short at this point in the season? a default selection
Ramirez - whine about his baserunning, field play, etc., after the guy finishes the season with 40/140 and gives them the offense they need - he also protects Ortiz
Graffinino (if he is healthy) - better leading off but not better than Damon; use Cora in situations where he has been successful against opposing pitcher or if Graffinino cannot play
Olerud/Millar - choose which one based on opposing pitcher; always use Olerud to finish close games at first

Starters are what they are but use Papelbon in selected spots for selected batters/situations, and the same for Hansen. Throw Timlin in an inning when no one is on base, use Hansen, Papelbon, Myers, Bradford to get out of the 8th with men on base and let Timlin start the ninth.

Hope opposing managers do not choose to walk Ortiz too often.

Hope Graffinino/Cora do not get hurt any more.

Hope Tito actually uses the bet players he has.