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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Does last night's game matter?

In my view, yes. The Sox lost to a team they should beat in a late-season game, entirely because of bad pitching, and bad pitching will keep them from the post-season.
The Sox have played 30 days in a row at a very bad time in the season - the home stretch. I think they are more than tired - I think they are exhausted. One day off will help, but probably not be enough to fully restore their energy and focus.
There is no way to tell what will happen, how they will do, from here on out in the last 10 games. They do not play well against Baltimore or Toronto, so that works against them. They play the Yankees pretty evenly and their last seven games are at home, which are in their favor. The day off may help their defense and their hitting, but not their pitching, which looks pretty pitiful right now. No Foulke, it looks like, and unless they are willing to risk pitching the kids from the minor leagues in close games that really matter, I don't see them making the playoffs.
But then, I did not see them getting out of NY last year either.
This is going to be a very bumpy ride.
But keeping this in perspective, it does not compare to the ride for the people in the JetBlue flight last night, nor to the ride the people fleeing the Texas coast are in right now, nor to the ride the evacuees in Texas and Louisiana are in for from H. Rita. Cheer for the Sox, sure, but pray for the people who are in real trouble now.