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Monday, September 26, 2005

Back home

Well, I was right and wrong about using The Kids. They performed well and did not perform well, but my guess is that Tito will now use them again.
Three in a row from Baltimore at this time in the season, when they pretty much HAD to win three in a row, is a good sign from the Sox. No quit, no recriminations, no whining. They played well enough to win, against a team with admittedly nothing to gain - and Tejada looks like he is already thinking about the offseason, especially yesterday - but I am of the opinion that the wins are important anyway because of what would happen if they lost.
Toronto will not be so easy - they are tougher, have a better lineup and pitchers who can make life miserable for the Sox. The Sox have to win five of the next seven games - they can afford one loss to Toronto and one to the Yankees. That is not the way they will approach the games, I believe, but that is the way the fans will see them.
Let's hope they play - and win - them one pitch at a time.