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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tim McCarver - Liar

I am old enough to remember Tim McCarver, Cardinals catcher, working with the great Bob Gibson in the '67 Series. McCarver was a good player.
He is, however, a terrible baseball announcer - the latest example that drives me absolutely NUTS is that he either a) lies, or b) makes stuff up. Neither should be accepted by a national network in its baseball broadcasts.
Last Saturday, during the Fox-McCarver telecast of the Sox-Yankees from Fenway, at about mid-game McCarver noted that there was a Red Sox pitcher warming up in the bullpen (he was right about that part.) He went on to say that wasn't it an intelligent consideration of the designers of Fenway Park to build it so the current pitcher on the mound could not hear relievers warming up (the 'ol pop in the catcher's mitt) and thus become even more unsettled.

What an idiot, or what a liar - or just plain stupid - your pick.

First, the designer's of Fenway Park never thought of that in placing the bullpens where they are - Tom Yawkey put the bullpens where they are in the 1940s, in part to make the right field porch more friendly to his batting star, No. 9. [McCarver's wrong on both aspects here - either made it up, or he doesn't know and made it up.]
Second, any pitcher standing on the mound at Fenway can easily see a reliever warming in the bullpen - so McCarver's point is moot. Dumb, very dumb.

Fans, we should not allow a major national network to keep an announcer on-the-air who blatantly makes up anecdotes, simply to hear himself speak or fill air time.