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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pawtucket Outlook: Help Is Available

While the Red Sox struggle to find a solution to the enigma that is Keith Foulke, there is currency in the form of mid-season talent ready at Pawtucket;
- A. Machado: mentioned in this column before, this speedy middle infielder is hitting over .300, plays very strong defense, plays hard, is a switch hitter, and can steal a base. Downside: absolutely no power - but we have 8 other guys who can hit HRs. Replace Belhorn NOW.
- Chip Ambres: one of the best outfielders - hitting and defense - in the IL. Speed, great OBP, hits for both power and average. Trade Payton to someplace where he can play, get a decent middle reliever, and let Chip play right when lefties are pitching against Boston.

- Roberto Petagine fouls one off.
- Machado hacks.
- Look at this sequence as Chip Ambres breaks his bat.

- Trade Kelly Shoppach: after a promising start this year, Kelly is back down to .250. With Varitek signed long term for big $$, and Mirabelli the best backup in MLB, time to trade Shoppach to a NL club (where a .250 BA catcher still is acceptable) while he has some value and we need some relief pitching.