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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Manny Being Manny? Not This Time

Opting out of today's game, even after Tito specifically asked him to play in light of the Clement incident and Nixon going on the DL, specifically saying that the team needs him to play today, is inexcusable. This is not Manny being Manny - that is reserved for his Green Monster-type behavior. Refusing to play, insisting on taking today off, is a breach of loyalty to the other 24 members of the Red Sox.
The good thing is that Tito made the entire situation public, putting Manny in a bad light for everyone to see.
I hope some player - Millar, Ortiz, someone - gets him in the locker room and reams him out. The man needs to grow up and stop thinking like a 15-year-old, being embarrassed easily when anything is said or written about him. That's the real world of a public figure. Manny seems to think that he can be a star and be ignored. Dream on, Manny - or ask for a trade to Kansas City.
It is too bad that he is a) the best hitter on this or any other team and b) so highly paid that no one can afford him. Absent those two very big circumstances, the man is playing left field or DH-ing in KC, or Arizona or Tampa Bay, where the interest is minimal and the press and fans don't pay attention.