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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lowell Gets Twisted and Chubby

Catcher Mark Wagner swings.............
Chubby's style is unmistakable.......................
(Click on the photos for a full-size view.)

Besides an interesting 7-6 win over the Batavia Muck Dogs, Lowell Spinner fans also had a rare glimpse of a true American legend: The Great Chubby Checker.
The Chubby One (he really is too!) threw out the first pitch in tonight's game, revealing a form reminiscent of El Guapo in his prime. In Chubby's honor, the Spinners arranged for a number of kids to do The Twist and have Chubby judge their style. You 'shoulda been there.

Players to Watch: Blake Maxwell, the Spinners closer; 1-1 with three saves, 1.06 ERA in 10G and 18 IP, 12Ks, 1BB.