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Thursday, July 14, 2005

It Is Up To Clement, Miller

Schilling isn't Schilling, and isn't going to be for this season it appears. We know what we are likely to get from Arroyo and Wakefield. Wells is a wild card in more ways than one.

But if the Sox are going to win, and go deep into the playoffs, Clement and Miller are going to have to have strong stretch runs. Reality Check Folks: Clement IS The Ace of the staff, The Man at the moment. If he is ready for that role, and all that comes with it in a pressure town like Boston, then the Sox have a good shot. I am not sure he is up to that.

Wade Miller needs to step it up, starting soon. So far, he has been a bust really - but we knew he was a risk from the start. Can he go to the bullpen and do middle relief? If so, let's send him there and see who's available, even in the farm system, to start.

Last year, in the end, it was about pitching. Still is. Otherwise, this 2005 Sox team again will look like the power-laden but bridesmaid Cleveland Indians teams of the 1990s.