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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Going Overboard

I just heard on the EEI sports flash that Lucchino says Manny has asked for a trade and that the Sox will try to accommodate him before August 1.
1: They will not be able to get fair value for a player of his stature and salary in the next three days.
2: This, if accurate, is patently stupid. Manny does not need to be traded, he needs to be taken aside and privately reminded of his responsibilities as a team member. He could have taken two days off some other time rather than just leave the Sox relatively punchless last night. It all turned out well, fortunately for the Sox.
Trading Manny now is an act of frustration and pique, not smart baseball management.
If he goes, then I expect someone with comparable stats and a better attitude to show up in left field or the Sox management will be diminished in my eyes.