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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Comings and Goings at The Break

If your life, like mine, is ruled by the rhythms of baseball then it is just about Break Time, and time to take stock of a few items:
- Kevin Millar: I hope you did ask for a trade and that Theo works something out. You have had a good deal here and if you don't appreciate it, then take your sweet and sour streaky hitting and go elsewhere, likely someplace where nobody will notice anything you do - and that will really piss you off.
- Jay Payton: Would rather play than win. Your choice. Glad to see Theo backed Francona and by doing so sent a message to the rest of the clubhouse. Yup, Terry's a "player's manager," but he is still the boss.
- A. Cora: Theo, (we love you, but.....) what's this guy about? You had better choices at Pawtucket (Machado and Figuroa) if you were looking for a glove and a mighty .235BA. So how's Cora different from Belhorn exactly? (fewer Ks?)
-Schilling: The club is obviously making the best of an indeterminate situation. If it works, it will be John Smoltz-like in effectiveness. I think a major reason Closers are effective is a combination of reputation and demeanor (think Rivera, Eckersley....) as well as good stuff. Would you like to face Curt Schilling, bearing down on you, coming in as the other team's Closer? I wouldn't and neither would anyone else - which is why this might just work until he can rejoin the rotation (which may be in '06).
- Red Sox: The AL East First Place team at the Break without their Number 1 starter and now without their Closer. Congrats to Francona, who is convincing more people that he was the right choice for managing this manic on-field franchise and its fan base.
- Yankees: Someone needs to drive a stake into these guys before they re-appear and bite us in the ass. Money can buy talent, but I am not sure George will have his way this year - too many teams still in contention reduces the number of fire sales and talent available.
- PawSox: mediocre so far this year, with weak pitching and shuffling players up and down. Don't expect much.