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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The word "flat" comes to mind

Flat is not a word I'd use in connection with the Red Sox over the last year or so, even when they were in the win-one/lose-one mode for much of last summer. But the games in St. Louis, so far, make me think of that word.
Perhaps it is the fact that St. Louis scores first, and so easily, that makes the games seem not worth watching. I checked in a bit early in the game, but when it got to 6-1, I stopped. I knew they were not going to come back and even make it interesting, and I am not prescient. The mood of the team comes through the radio and the TV and I can hear Tito explaining away the loss with comments about great pitching and we just got beat, and they make me uncomfortable. When Manny came up throwing to home and threw accurately, but too weakly (a 2-hopper instead of a 1-hopper, as Remy noted) and the runner scored, I felt deflated and turned to something else for a bit. The fact that they Sox knew the throw was late, and did not protest, sent a message, I think, to St. Louis that they would have no trouble again last night.
Is it just me, or do the Sox seem uninspired at this point?