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Friday, June 03, 2005

What's better than an Ortiz walk-off HR?

As incredibly self-centered as this will sound, what's better is watching my son stretch for and dig out of the dirt a low double-play throw to end a 2-1 state high school tournament preliminary game against the arch-rival team that loves to beat us.
That was the only play he made in the game after coming in as a defensive substitute in the inning. A great stop at second - lying on the ground - led to a nice throw to the SS covering and then to a rapid-got-to-get-him throw to first that was online but low.
My son has really improved at first over the years and it was nice to see the coach have the confidence in him to put him there for just that kind of play in case it came to pass. He's just a sophomore, and he does not expect a lot of playing time after being called up to varsity in mid-season.
Okay, away from the obsessive focus on my family, and back to the really important stuff.