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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mediocre = No Wild Card in the A.L.

Why are most people expecting Baltimore to fade in the second half while the same folks sing the praises of the White Sox and the Rangers? Be careful folks - somebody has to light a fire under the Red Sox - preferably by (a) the return of Curt Schilling, (b) an awakening of the slumbering Manny,(c) a more consistent David Wells, and (d) a more consistent bullpen - or they will be sitting this October.

As of today, here are the projected wins for the top A.L. teams prorated for a 162 game season:
Chicago White Sox: 109
Baltimore - 96
Minnesota - 97
Texas - 86
LA Angels - 93
Boston - 85

Both Minnesota and Texas would beat out the Red Sox for the Wild Card in the A.L. as it stands today. While texas is not that worrisome, a 97 win Twins team should be. No, I don't expect the White Sox to win 109 games, but they may well win 100 or better, driving the Twins to keep pace. Will Baltimore fade? Probably, .......but unless the Red Sox kick it into gear, it won't be them passing the Orioles in August or September.