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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Elusive Memories Drive Announcer Popularity Poll

We have been running an All-Time Red Sox announcer popularity poll for some time now; today with a decent sample size we call it done. The Winner: Current Color Analyst Jerry Remy. The official count has Jim Woods of the Martin and Woods radio team as the biggest vote getter, but we note that a single site visitor entered about half Woods' total votes (like we wouldn't notice.....). Curt Gowdy finished second, followed by Ned Martin, with a tie between Joe Castiglione and Sean McDonough. Wally beat out current PBP NESN anchor Don Orsillo and Ken Coleman. Hawk Harrelson finished last - a finish I am sure he would object to (we didn't list every former announcer - Hawk was for fun).

Does the poll mean anything? Probably not - though it is certainly hard twenty or thirty years later (maybe forty in the case of Gowdy) to accurately remember how good an announcer really was, and, standards and expectations for those behind the mike have also changed. There is no question Remy is good, much better than most - if not all - of his nationally featured counterparts. I have no doubt though that if Gowdy was announcing and in his prime today, he'd be better than he was then and better than most others today as well.

Personally growing up listening to Martin and Gowdy myself in the '60s and '70s, I am disappointed with the showing of
Castiglione - a great announcer with a sharp eye for and a love of the game. The team of Jerry Troupiano and Joe Castiglione are every bit as good as the legendary Martin and Woods were. If you don't think so, wait until the that team is broken up and see how fast you are longing for them to return to the mike.

Oh, and congratulations to Wally - an on-air presence who never wastes words.