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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Beautiful Lowell

Another nice night at the best Single A park in these parts, despite a poor outing by the Red Sox affiliate, the Spinners. A few notes:
1. The Spinners have added a video display; that's good and bad. They really didn't use it to embelish the game experience at all, but they use it liberally for fan/kids camera mugging. OK, but drop the between pitches video commentary and clips - no class. Between the innings - OK.
2. Lowell still has the best sausage sandwich of any baseball park in NewEngland.
3. My favorite minor league act - the Blue Dog Group - a Frisbee catching dog act, again delighted the crowd.
4. One thing hasn't changed in Lowell: sold out as usual.

-[click on the photo to get a full size picture]