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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baseball In the Sunshine?

- Pedro was dazzling again tonight for the Mets, and getting the Big Apple publicity wave, not Randy [Can't beat KC] Johnson. I am happy for Pedro and for Mets fans. Still, for the $54M, they can keep him.
- Ortiz: The Real Deal, isn't he? I don't remember anybody performing at the plate in the clutch like that since Reggie Jackson. It was a great at bat, and Then he hit the HR. 'Ya gotta love the Big Pappi. Another good Theo move, twice: Once to get him, secondly to re-sign him for short money. In Theo We Still Trust.
- Shoppach: a bit early to bail on this kid, though he's probably not ready for the Bigs yet. He's only up because Mirabelli is hurt, or, possibly because Theo was hoping to showcase him. Look for Theo to trade Shoppach for an arm this summer now that Varitek is penned to a long term deal.
- WEEI Hosts: Gimme a break guys - PLEASE........mercilessly talking for dreary hours about the substitution of Varitek for Shoppach, or some other trivial topic instead of intelligently analyzing, just for example, why the Orioles are in first place (What are they doing right?) or some other analysis of the game. Tiresome and Boring. Did I say Tiresome and Boring? Yup. The most interesting feature the station has is the Whiner Line, and that is entertaining because of the imagination and creativity of the callers - not the self asorbed and repetitive hosts. (Listening Ordway?).
- PawSox: on a roll, just swept Norfolk four straight at McCoy. Keep your eye on A. Machado, a switch hitting 2B with speed, ready if Bellhorn continues to struggle.
- Herald lays off writers: we are headed for a one newspaper town folks, sooner or later. So, get used to the Globe writers, or find an online source you like. The good news: when the Herald folds, Gerry Callahan will be out of a job and a pulpit. Maybe he can call Bill Frist and ask for a government PR job, perhaps as Official News Officer for the Guantanamo guest hotel?
- WWZN: could somebody please buy this turkey and shut it down as a mercy killing, so Eddie A. can go home and sulk in private?