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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Round the Bases

- as said here before; Doug Mirabelli, the best backup catcher in MLB - period. Couldn't you see Doug's Grand Slam coming when Maroth went 2-1 on Mirabelli with the bases loaded? He was sitting on Maroth, and didn't miss it.
- The Yankees? The crowd, for once, is right. They do _ _ck. They are old and brittle. And, they seemingly don't care. Not even Joe Torre can make them care. It is a delight watching The Boss and the entire Yankee Nation squirm, as badly as they squirmed last October. How sweet it is. Is Kevin Brown a "Real Yankee," BTW?
- Pedro and Doug M. got their rings from Tom Werner in the Mets clubhouse. Thanks guys.
- WEEI's Dale and Holley show? One word: Boring. Bring back Neumy.
- Do any of the Boston sports writers (except Steve Buckley) ever go to Pawtucket, Portland, Manchester, Norwich, or New Britain? Or is that beneath them?
- The Worcester Tornadoes are busy rennovating Holy Cross' Fritton Field in time for their end of May opening date. The team hasn't done much local promotion yet so it will be interesting to see what initial season attendance will be like.