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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Phillies Sojurn

Had my first chance to visit the new ballpark in Philadelphia this week - saw the Phillies vs. the Reds. I had been to the now-departed Vet several years ago: lousy ambiance but good sightlines, and faux turf of course.
The new park has a lot of nice touches - the best being a completely open concourse surrounding the park on the main entrance level and a great blending of brick, green, and other earthen colors as a scheme. This concourse has a view to the field at almost every location, allowing the fan to watch the action while walking around and an opportunity to see the field from many angles.
The Phillies lost, beaten by a barrage of HRs by Cincinnati. John Lieber started for the Phils and had a one hitter going into the fifth, but then collapsed. My first time in a long while seeing Griffey, Jr. play; he homered.
More on the Philadelphia park later; have to go to Norwich right now.
BTW: Did you know that the Phillies were originally a professional baseball team from Worcester, MA that relocated to Philadelphia?