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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Boom(er) and Bust: Rosebud II?

I am still a supporter of David (Boomer) Wells and the deal to bring him here. He will be an important pitching resource for the Sox this year.
But so far, he has been not at all convincing - and his arrogance and goofiness is showing. In spring training, he said he could wait until the end of the spring cycle to get in shape and pitch because he was a veteran and "knew his own body."
That turned out to be completely false as his first couple of BoSox starts were a waste. Then he got hurt. In coming back off the DL, he spurned a rehab start at McCoy, again claiming he was a veteran and knew his own body. He was also supported in this assertion by the likes of the usually reliable Jerry Remy.
Well, Boomer was wrong again.
Let's hope Boomer gets back on track. Lately he has looked more like His Rotundship, the late Orson Welles, not David.