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Sunday, April 03, 2005

An Opening Unlike Any Other.....Still, In Theo We Trust

Still feels different and Twilight Zone-ish, doesn't it.....starting out the season as World Champs, and, picked by more than a few baseball pundits to repeat as well. One thing is likely very different: several thousand Red Sox fans will certainly not be ready to jump from the Tobin Bridge tomorrow morning if the Sox lose the opener to the Yankees tonight. Sanity, in one small sense, has been restored by the awarding of the W.S. Trophy to the local nine last October. [Also feels kind of strange starting the season without Pedro on the mound.]

Have you had your picture taken with the trophy yet? Seems like everyone in Massachusetts still above ground has had the pleasure so far. Don't believe what the commentators tell you - we are still the World Champs until at least late September. Continue to enjoy.

My picks - well, as loaded as the Yankees are, I still think they are a dysfunctional lot and remind me more of a stocked Fantasy league team than a cohesive bunch that wants to play with each other. The team that does worry me is California/Anaheim/Los Angeles; because they have a strong manager, good talent, and play like a team.

The Red Sox: the field team is as good as any in baseball, the bullpen may be the best in baseball, Francona proved last year he can get the most out of the strange mix of personalities on hand (this year - David Wells and Damon!), but the starting pitching has more question marks than Batman's nemesis The Riddler's costume. Still, In Theo We Trust........If this staff isn't getting it done, I trust Theo to go out before the deadline and make a deal. The bullpen may keep this group in the hunt for the first half of the season until the rotation gets sorted out.

I like the Sox to repeat to get to the World Series. But this year, the emotional edge that carried them over the Cardinals in a walk last year may not be there. A great season anyway.
Let the Games begin................