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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

On To Toronto......Feel Better?

Random Flashes:
- AFraud: playing in the Big Apple has always been about being able to play in the spotlight, the Biggest Stage in Sports (Mr. E5). With $250 million, he certainly ain't Broke, but .......
- Wakefield: Did anybody guess last week that The KnuckleMan would post the best starting performance so far this season? You have to like him against the Yankees....he's a gamer, can take the pressure, always.
- Renteria? A few brain-damaged fans, whipped up by the season opening frenzy around here, were questioning whether Renteria was worth the $40 million. He is, and he'll prove it. Wait.
- Mariano Rivera: the Sox have his number, no doubt about it. He knows it, Torre knows it, and the Sox know it. Do you think Torre has the confidence to call him in during a pressure-packed ALCS game 7 at Fenway Park in October? Do you think Rivera has the confidence to pitch in that situation? Gotta fork?
- Thursday: The NH Fisher Cats open their new AA Stadium in Manchester. And don't forget: Congrats to the 'Cats, 2004 Eastern League Champs. Boffo. Hope the snow is cleared.
- Francona: Take it easy for a while. This gang of Idiots can get along for a bit without you there. Get well. Put your feet up. Listen to Joe and Jerry from the SkyDome. You have earned it.
- Johnny Damon: How many ways can you spell Overexposed?
- Doug Mirabelli: picking off Jeter stealing third (Yes!), catching Wake, good job as usual, on base twice. The best backup catcher in MLB. Period.