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Friday, April 22, 2005


I hate to say it but as hypersensitized as we are these days to all things roidish, I had an involuntary thought: Based on what I have read about the after-effects of steroid use, the very nasty tear of muscle from bone in Nomar's groin seems like the kind of injury that is caused by steroid use.
There, but I don't feel better.
I've read about Nomar's fanatical and intense off-season workouts and I believe that his body is the product of those workouts and nothing illegal or dumb. But read the latest SI for a piece by Will Carroll, author of a forthcoming book called The Juice, about steroids, and you may get the feeling for how steroids can be used and not detected. The piece is based on an interview with a man who claims (and it sounds legitimate) to have invented "the clear."
In any event, this is a terrible injury to a man who was terribly maligned in Red Sucks Nation. No one in the Cubs organization can figure out what it was that put Nomar in the persona non grata state he was in when he left, and where he still resides for many in the Nation.
Future imperfect, for sure; this is a big-time injury - ask Mike Piazza. Nomar can and probably will come back, just to prove - again, prove once and for all - that he is what he claims to be: a hard-working, play the game right kind of guy. He may miss the HOF now, but I would not count him out.
Still feeling guilty about the steroid thoughts,