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Friday, April 29, 2005

It's only April but . . .

The Sox will be hard-pressed to succeed again this year, even to get to the Wild Card, with another middling mid-season performance, because they do not have the horses to get to the front in September and October. Let's hope the Brewers continue to stink and that Ben Sheets is available in mid-season, because neither Wells nor Clement will be the savior this year. Oops, forgot about George - he may get to Sheets first, with his pitching staff in shambles already.
Hey, folks, Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez are not coming to the mound this year when it counts.
Clement-Wells: 4.5 ERA, 4-3, 5 HR given up so far, one good game for each (vs. Baltimore), both on the DL. Last year, Pedro and Lowe never went on the DL, if I remember correctly. That's right, PEDRO never went on the DL.
Until Clement and Wells step it up, and justify their signings, or Pedro and Lowe implode, you will be hearing from me about the bad decisions on Pedro and Lowe. If the Sox really wanted to win again this year, they find a way to make those deals and keep the pitching staff that came through when it counted. I am not giving Theo a pass on this one, not just yet.