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Thursday, April 28, 2005

DLs, Beaning, Pale Hose, Pedro & Shea

I have been....no posts despite much doings in these parts. Making up for lost time....

1. Tim, you are out to lunch on this Pedro kick. He's gone, and for $54M, I am glad. He might look good now, but how do you think he will look in year four? How do you think his shoulder will be holding up then? He's had a few good outings. The woeful Mets can have him and his Prima Donna attitude as well.

2. Schilling and Wells lounging on the DL? Yep, we knew age was a big risk for this pitching staff going into the season. Wells will be back, he's a gamer. For now, Wakefield, Arroyo, and Clement will have to carry the load. It's only April folks. Don't start worrying until the All Star break. It could be worse: Theo could have signed Kevin Brown and Jared Wright.

3. Nomah? Too bad. Glad he's not here on the DL. Maybe a star-crossed star - perhaps he will never be back to what he once was. That one year - "I will prove I am healthy" - contract ploy is not looking too good right about now. Hope Mia's got a full-time job. [Nomah & steroids? Don't care, and it doesn't really matter.] Next: one year stint with the Nashua Pride?

4. Schilling and Pinella? They are both wrong: Schilling should stick a sock in it half the time (but he never knows which half), and Pinella should find a way to deal with perpetual losing other than having his staff go headhunting. MLB needs to have a talk with Lou.

5. AL Wild Card: if the Sox don't win the East, they better hope the White Sox and Twins beat each other to a pulp so the WC is still available on October 1 or the WC playoff slot will go to one of these two Central Division teams. Yes, we get to play Tampa 19 times, but they get to play Detroit, Cleveland, and KC nineteen times each. That's 57 games with, well.............