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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Staying at Fenway

Was there any real doubt about this outcome from the Henry management team (especially when you learned the playing surface was being completely dug up and rebuilt)? Building a new stadium, solely with private funds anywhere in downtown Boston, was a terrifically expensive and risky proposition for any ownership group - the Yawkey Trust management or the Henry partnership. Financially, this is the smart move folks if you were interested in "turning" your purchase investment in the club in a few years; much easier looking for a buyer or investor while not holding a three or four hundred million dollar-plus debt sheet for your facility.

Besides, rehabilitating Fenway, previously judged impractical by the Yawkey regime, likely also enhances the intangible assets associated with one of the most storied franchises in sport. The Henry group has demonstrated a deft managerial touch so far with respect to operating Fenway (Red Sox Nation cards are another matter), with the Green Monster seats one of the best examples. And now, the welcome prospect of a dismantling of the sterile, overbearing and downright ugly .400 Club glass fa├žade behind home plate offers the chance to restore some of the park's original and traditional appearance lines.

Truth be told, the Henry group has done more in terms of trying to fixup and re-engineer Fenway, in just a few years, than the Yawkey regime did for decades - so they get a pass on this subject (and they won the World Championship to boot.)

Let's just hope any refurbishment of Fenway finds a way to eliminate the Rubber-Necking Experience associated with the right field seats.