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Sunday, March 06, 2005

It Is Different.......and Better.

Do you still remember how it was? You fretted and worried over every trivial injury, every error, every lineup move, every trade, and every free agent signing. Why did we pray and worry so mightily? Because it had been 86 years, that's why - and we learned in that time that any little mistake, problem, or issue could mean the difference between winning, and, another miserable year of failure.

But that is all over now, isn't it. We can sit back and enjoy it all now - every little part of the entire baseball experience. The exhibition game gaffes and possible injuries, inevitable clubhouse problems or squabbles, and slumps-errors-miscues-lapses. They are now just part of the game and a typical season - not the next excruciatingly bizarre event in the intergalactic gothic conspiracy to torture us for another year.

It's over. Thank God.
Joe Torre says he's not sure how the Sox-Yanks rivalry will unfold now that we have won. In my opinion, it is even better. Now they (and he) have to worry about us.

It's over. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.