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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Everybody does it . . .

I've been away but was still thinking about baseball, so in no logical or other order, here is what's on my mind today:
  • Baseball been Barry Barry good: Bottom line is the prodigious numbers might not (and I say, might not because you cannot prove a negative) have been what they are for Bonds without chemical help but that's the only thing that would have been different and, honestly, I don't care as much as I would have if Canseco had put them up. The man can play. Too bad he is so insecure and needed to have some help with an already superb set of abilities.
  • Stay-roid: Bet some of the boys stay on the juice, somehow, masked up for some portion of this year. You cannot change human nature nor avoid the inevitable behavior of people who either a) are too insecure to fail or b) too arrogant to fail. I'll be looking for guys who snap tendons and pull muscles AND for pitchers who recover way too fast and too strong. Not fair? Nope, but I am just like any other Joe.
  • Ass-terisk: Fuggedaboutit. Like Gammons online at espn.com, I do not know how to asterisk the numbers. Hell, people already have the asterisks in their heads now, no need to put them into a book. I especially like Gammons' point that black players were formally excluded from baseball for decades and there is no telling what the best Negro League players would have done in MLB.
  • Going Going GONE: Derek Lowe, Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, Roger Clemens. Please, let's do what all other big league towns do when players leave. Stop talking about them and asking them questions about Boston. Move on with your lives. They do not owe you anything and vice versa.
  • Watch the grass grow: Only a wish up here in New Hampshire where it snows and snows and snows some more.
  • Wait until next summer: We have formed - make that, "two dedicated parents" have formed - a new American Legion team in our towns starting this summer, so we do not have to travel to different states (except maybe MA) to watch our sons play baseball for the next four summers. Pure excitement for us . . .
  • Thanks for the memories: Sox and Pats. These things run in cycles, so I don't plan on getting used to winning it all, but, damn, if you really want to lift the mood around a region or a city, just have a couple of winning sports teams. Who says that sports don't matter?

Thanks, John, for keeping this place alive while I lost my way in work, etc., the last few months.