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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Best AM/AM Choice? Tune Out D&C

Despite the repetition of WBZ radio's all-news format, or the sometimes too-serious morning PBS news coverage on WBUR/WGBH, I am forced to go back to listening to them; I just can't stand another day of WEEI's strident, arrogant, and decidedly un-entertaining Dennis and Callahan.

Dennis is the less offensive of the two, and the clearly better prepared for every interview and general discussion. Yet he seems mesmerized by Callahan, playing the obedient lap dog for Gerry in any issue debate. Good thing too - he has learned that the overbearing Callahan will shout down anyone disagreeing with the Great Himself.

Callahan, however, seems to simply roll out of bed and show up for each day's program, ready to dismiss any disagreeing opinion, attitude, or class of people as it is necessary. The last two days were the breaker for me: on one day he loudly and angrily berated a generally reasonable caller who dared to try to discuss steroids in baseball as "a moron,"the next day Callahan was making sweeping and mean-spirited pronouncements about the character values of people who own Boxer-type dogs. Is this the kind of person you want to share a morning cup of coffee with?

All of this would be permissible or even excusable if:
- Callahan made any meaningful or insightful comments about any sport; he doesn't and hasn't for a long time.
- Callahan actually tried to engage callers in a discussion instead of browbeating, talking over, and usually blowing up those with differing views (it is a talk show isn't it, not a shout show?)
- Callahan was the least bit entertaining or funny in how he does what he does; he isn't.
- Callahan ever acknowledged he was wrong about any prediction or assertion. He seems to be more wrong than right (pun there folks?), never truthfully acknowledges it, and shouts down those that try to hold him up to the light.
- Callahan ever said something about any social issue without reading from the approved script from the Republican National Committee. It is not interesting or entertaining at all folks when you know exactly what your on-air personality is going to say, day after day. Incredibly Boring. If you want the same thing over and over, listen to WBZ or an Oldies station - both are more intelligently produced than D&C.

Why anyone with a different opinion would call the D&C show baffles me. For all the others it is to pay homage to the right wing, conservative agenda being relentlessly peddled there along with highly questionable sports "talk."

Do yourself a favor - try escaping to WCRB's classical sounds (102.5FM), leaving the droning D&C for the frustrated and skittish commuter in the car next to you. Your whole day will go better, I assure you.