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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Spring Training Buffet

- Position players report tomorrow. Yeah! Are you looking forward to watching Renteria at short as much as I am? Maybe a pro like Renteria can figure out where to aim his throws to first so Kevin Millar can catch them more often.
- Check out Kevin Thomas' piece on Maine baseball fans...."A World Series title in 2004 is no guarantee for a championship in 2005, according to a survey of Red Sox fans in Maine."
- Bruce Hurst teaches pitching to players with a big "C" on their jersey - and it doesn't stand for Cincinnati.

- Bud Selig can try to stay quiet, but MLB's silence in the face of the Canseco 's revelations about steroids is positively defeaning; in addition to learning now that the FBI told MLB all about this mess aproximately a decade ago. Moron League Bud. Hey Bud - How ya gonna handle the PR aspects of the upcoming Bonds-Aaron HR title chase? Proclaim to everybody - including to No. 44 - that Bonds is the greatest ever? Moron. [Next career stop for Bud: NHL Commissioner.]
- Red Sox-Yankees Trash talking players? It is great......and just proves that the Yankees really were paying attention last fall and that there is more to the Red Sox playing 19 games per season (plus post season) against the Pinstripers than the "they are just another team listed on the schedule."
- Red Sox ring ceremony scheduling? Well, as much as Boston fans want to rub the Yankees nose it it (fully understandable BTW), remember this: unless we are planning to win all the titles from here on out, just consider the inevitable prospect of Sox players having to stand in Yankee Stadium on some future opening day while the W.S. Champion Yankees are awarded their rings. If you can live with that, then go ahead and rub their noses in it. Besides, the Bucky Dent First Ball event during the ALCS Game 7 wasn't exactly a high-water class mark for the Bronx Bombers organization.