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Monday, February 14, 2005

Hey Bud! Wake Up and Smell the Stench

Jay Mariotti, columnist for the Chicago Sun Times has a good piece today on the latest abdication of leadership and responsibility by Bud Selig. (and you were surprised!)
Bud, a few things about the steroid issue:
1. It is not going away, no matter how hard you try to hold your nose and ignore it.
2. The approaching Barry Bonds*/Hank Aaron record issue is only going to make the problem worse, day-by-day. This is a tremendous lost opportunity for the game: instead of a record-breaking celebration and renewal of the game's greatest achievements, Bonds' chase will only highlight the scandal and the game's inability to clean its own house.
3. When faced with a similar issue that went to the heart of the integrity of the game, Bart Giamatti (as Mountain Landis before him) did the tough - but right - thing and banned Rose for life. He knew the integrity of the game was paramount in the eyes of the unique fan base attracted by baseball. Bart was right - Rose did bet on baseball though he strenuously denied it for decades. How about Bonds, et al. - denials in full?