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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year's Grumblings....

Boggs in The Hall: yeah good numbers and he did work hard at improving his shaky defensive skills as his career progressed. But honestly, I never liked the Chicken Man - he always seemed more interested in his own stats than the success of the team. I wasn't bothered much when he left.
His self-centered quote in today's AP wire story regarding his election says it all: "I wouldn't classify it as the end of the world had I not got in today," said Boggs, the 41st player elected on his first chance. "But it would have been a disappointment because of the numbers that I put up." Hey classless Wade - How about "It is such an honor just to be in the same company with ........"
Rice - Still HOF Viable: My sense is that Rice will make it next year. His HOF numbers went up this year, he finished fourth in the balloting, and the incoming crew next season is weak. At close to 60% of the votes, it looks like he is picking up momentum. Let's keep the heat on the BBWA members. Jim Ed. deserves it.
RJ to the Yanks: You knew Georgie Porgie was not going to take the ultimate humiliation lying down. Still, I agee with Tim's post - I like the Sox Rotation, as it stands today, much better that New York's. I think Boston's rotation has more upside potential than NY's, and so far, Beltran is not a Yankee. People talk about RJ vs. Schilling in Game 7 of the ALCS this year - I have a more fun matchup: RJ vs. David Wells.
Bye BY: Still a Red Sox, for now. Theo will move Kim soon, and hopefully get something for him rather than nothing at all. Note to Theo: package Millar with BY as a Special Value Meal to some dumb NL West team.
Millar-Mientkiewicz: This one is a no brainer in my eyes - Keep Doug M. - ship "sippin' whiskey Kevin," wherever. Millar, a clubhouse favorite, is a mediorce (I am being nice here) first baseman and a very streaky hitter - great when he's on, horrible when he is cold (remember last spring and summer?). Mientkiewicz is a much better-rounded player, plays excellent defense, and can hit - though he did not show it last season, and is more consistent (and sober) than Millar.