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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Half a Pill, ...er, I mean Loaf?

OK, so the MLBPA and MLB, with a gun pointed at their heads and cocked by powers such as John McCain, decided to adopt at least a minimalist policy incorporating testing and penalties for steroid use. It is half a loaf, I fully realize. However, as awareness and acceptance grows for the policy, especially among the players, I expect over time the policy will become tougher and more comprehensive (Wishful thinking?). Face it folks - with the most powerful union in America on the other side of the table, this was about as good as MLB was going to get and we are better off than we were last spring training.

There has been a lot of public critisism about the lack of policy rules regarding the use of "greenies," or Amphetamines. I agree, but it seems that problem does date back all the way to the Hank Aaron era anyway - the 1970s (and I am not accusing Aaron BTW.) See this interesting piece by Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun on this issue. Maybe the next contract discussions can include a policy on greenies as well.