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Sunday, January 30, 2005

First Base Defense - Who's On First?

We have to again give Theo his due - we did win it all, and through the wonders of the moves he made.
Yeah, but.........[as in, Yeah, But......]
We are surprised and disappointed at the trade of
Doug Mientkiewicz to the Mets, which obviously means we will see more of Kevin Millar at first, alternating with David Ortiz perhaps. I don't think Mientkiewicz really had a shot to show what he could do here, especially at the plate while Francona was patient with Millar's ice-cold slumps or Ofer streaks. And I shudder to think who Francona can put in at first for defensive purposes late in any close game.

Forget The Ball thing. Defense, we learned this year, is a key ingredient in baseball success. More plays are made (or screwed up) at first than any other base.
First base defense makes a real difference over a 162 game schedule, and especially in the playoffs.
Don't believe me? Don't think it is important? Ask Bill Buckner.