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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Baseball Wins, Losses in '04

The Game had a lot of high points in 2004 - especially if you are either a Red Sox or a drama fan. Even irked Yankee fans would have to admit the ALCS was an all-time classic baseball event - destined to be remembered and recalled decades from now, and not just because the Red Sox won.

High Points (IMHO):
- Red Sox Win WS, of course
- Theo proves winning the WS isn't just about spending more money than the other fellow
- Randy Johnson's season, playing on an awful Arizona team.
- Carlos Beltran, and the post-Jimy Williams Houston Astros'
- David Ortiz
- end of the Montreal Expos (a mercy move if there ever was one)
- Baseball returns to DC; let's hope it works out better than the last two franchises based there.
- Better umpiring
- The Class of Hank Aaron in the face of an unfair assault on his wonderous achievements
- Yanks $180M Biggest Payroll in Baseball History team delivers the Biggest Choke in Baseball History

Low Points (IMHO):
- Juiced stats, stories, lost integrity; the Game is humiliated and embarassed by its biggest star.
- MLB's botched DC move
- MLB's botched steroid policy response
- MLBPA's idiotic steroid policy response
- MLBPA's idiotic steroid policy response (worth two mentions anyway)
- A resumption of skyrocketing salaries; the 2002-2003 "market correction," appears to be over
- Red Sox and Yankees big dollar, gaudy post-season free agent signings prove that the dollar distance between the haves and have-nots in baseball is only getting worse.
- Classless Pedro leaves Boston by burning all bridges in his wake. You will regret this, pal.
- Nomah's unprofessional handling of physical and other adversity; don't try to tell me you earned the right to pout.

What's yours?