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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

This Bud's Unglued; The Commissioner for Commissioner

In the independent leagues, they often have the embarrassment of a "travel" team, a team owned and supported by the league but one that operates without a home city and stadium. These teams play all road games are often run to maintain a critical mass of teams in a league or division (such as the Atlantic League's Pennsylvania Road Warriors; BTW - if they are homeless, why are they from PA?)
Bud Selig has had such a team, the Montreal Expos, for several years now, though they admittedly did at least have a stadium to play in. Now, it appears that Bud's Nationals deal with the City of DC has about as much real political support as the Expos have had from the citizens of Montreal.

Can you name anything of importance that Bud Selig has done right the last few years? Remember the "tied" All-Star Game? How's the image of the game these days - the national pastime has given new and derogatory meaning to the term "juiced up," while Bud fumbles to find a way to beg the MLBPA to accept stronger testing.

The only saving graces for baseball have been its fundamental elegance and beauty, it still has many great "un-juiced," players, and the loyalty of its often exploited and "dis-respected" fans. Peter Gammons was elected into the HOF this week - a great honor. He is often called "The Commissioner," as an affectionate homage to his reach and influence in the game. I have no doubt that, given the opportunity, Peter could be a wonderful actual Commissioner - but then we would lose him as a journalist. Hobson's Choice?