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Friday, December 17, 2004

Remembering the Wonder of the Arm, Not the Mouth

Yes I have read the awful, bitter quotes, the snipes, the cheap shots, and the apparent half-truths and possible outright lies. Pedro never seems to do anything in small proportions (except frolic with very small people). Fisk had some tough things to say about Sox management when he left; other players have as well. Most return someday, to that old ballpark, usually with a note of contrition and fond memories.

That's how I am going to remember Pedro - recalling the wonder of his aggressiveness, the ferocity of his competitiveness, his relentless pursuit of ever batter on every pitch. How he would claim the inside part of the plate, or your elbow. The Scowl. The seemingly countless Ks. The Glare. The emotion. He was magnificent, and we were so, so fortunate to have had him for seven years. His antics on off days, on-again-off-again personality, his charming smile.

When couples breakup, they often say a lot of things that they regret, that they don't really mean, that should have been left unsaid. I can hear, and I can read, but I am going to ignore the current Pedro firestorm and remember what he did on the mound and how he did it. The rest, well, we will wait for the note of contrition for a while; Pedro is a very proud man you know.