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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Re-Assembling Another Winner?

In Theo We Trust: One important lesson all of RSN should have learned last season is that a well-assembled "team," where the parts fit and have a functional purpose, is a much better strategy for winning a championship than an rotisserrie-like "assembly of stars," - no matter how many or how bright the luminaries. The newest pieces in a new and possible winning machine:
- David Wells: No, I wouldn't want to sit next to him on a coast-to-coast flight, but he can take the ball, especially in the post season, as the second or third starter for my team anytime. Old, Yes, a sometimes pain-in-the-ass, Yes (so was Pedro), but a gamer and a tough guy. A good signing.
- Renteria: a Premiere shortstop with some pop in his bat, who steals an average of 25+ bases per year. Wow. $10M a year is a lot to pay (remember they offered Nomah $15M for 4 years, he said No), but he's probably worth it - especially in the inflated shortstop market we saw this post-season. I guess this means that Hanley Ramirez is either (a) going to play second in '06, (b) be traded, or (c) is judged to be not ready or not as advertised. Bottom Line is that with Renteria, the Sox can't go wrong for the next four years at shortstop - in the field or with the bat.
- Matt Mantei and John Halama: a wonderful piece of relatively cheap, support work by Theo, essentially acknowledging that between Schilling, Wells, and Wakefield, all 35 years old plus, an extended trip to the DL is possible anytime (though Wake has been relatively injury free - he has had rough stretches where he is simply throwing BP).
Pitching, defense, and strong up the middle. Again, Theo, ya done good.

This is going to be another fun team to watch.

Note to Jason Varitek and Scott B.: This team's going to be a winner - time to jump aboard and drop the silly posturing. No one else is going to pay you anywhere near the money Theo will, Theo knows it, and will (I think) take the drastic step of starting the season with Mirabelli as his starting catcher if you try too hard to stick it to him.