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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Omar's Buying but Nobody Else Is

Met's GM Omar Minaya wanted Pedro Martinez so much he was willing to risk upwards of $50 million dollars for a six inning starting pitcher who has a shoulder held together by chewing gum and wooden pegs.
Many everyday baseball observers are not buying into this deal:
- this Web site has been running a poll since November asking visitors to pick which Sox free agents they wanted most to sign. When we took that poll down the other day, a mere one vote had been cast for Pedro, out of the 30-40 tallied.
- today, the ESPN.com site has been asking folks to vote on whether the Pedro signing makes the Mets a contender. With over 200,000 votes cast, 85%+ say "No."
What does Omar see (or perhaps not see) that the rest of us do?
We'll all see in '05, and I am afraid for Pedro it won't be pretty.